1. Hotel Belles Rives
Hotel Belles Rives is situated in Juan-les-Pins, Cap d’Antibes, France is a perfect summer destination for all guest whois looking for hotels where they can stay the rest of their vacation in France. The hotel is an art deco type of hotel having a stylish living monument. You are allowed to water-ski in the Golfe Juan Bay, which is considered as the birthplace of waterskiing.

2. La-Co(o)niche
The hotel is located in Pyla-sur-Mer, Aquitaine, France. The hotel offers a ravishing boutique getaway and seaside sophistication. Dine in and feast in one of the most abundant restaurants in France. Enjoy seafood dining, which will satisfy your cravings. From the hotel, you can overlook the sea and sand views of one of the stunning beaches in France.

3. Hotel Byblos
Hotel Byblos is located in St Tropez, Provence, France. Unwind around the pool of the hotel and enjoy the summer breeze of the ocean. This hotel is also a perfect summer destination for couples who are planning a vacation in France. The hotel has the nearest beautiful beaches in France.

4. Hotel du Palais
Hotel du Palais is located in Biarritz, France. There is an available pool outside the hotel, which have a stunning expansive terrace and enjoy the sophistication of the unbroken views that the hotel can offer. The hotel provides surfing lessons, play golf outside is one of the day trips they offer.

5. Hotel La Perouse
It is situated in Nice, Provence, France. Guest can enjoy the starling view of the seafront hotel. Hotel La Perouse also has one of the famous restaurants in France, which is the La Patio restaurant. The restaurant is located in the hotel’s terrace near the swimming pool. The hotel has the top class beds where guest can enjoy the rest of the night with a feeling of relaxation.