1. Premiere Hotels
There are many competitive chains in France, and one of these is the Premiere Hotel. This hotel is an international group which has branches in Belgium, Poland, the UK, and the Netherlands. Premiere hotel has 245 hotels in France. Almost all of their hotels are located in the outskirts of towns and cities.

2. FastHotel
FastHotel is one of the cheap hotel chains in France which compromises 80 hotels in France. They have two classifications of their hotel: Better Relais Fasthotel and 1-star Fast hotels. The hotel is situated near the city at the center of the industrial outskirts. This hotel has 3 to 5 bedded rooms but which is sometimes suitable for 1 to 2 person.

3. Formula 1
Formula 1 will surely suit your budget for it is the lowest budget choice for you. In France, their hotels offer no frills and cheap option with all of their 230 hotels. Chain restaurants are also available, which are the top choice of everyone, especially families. Free Wi-Fi is installed for guests who are looking for a free internet connection. Washbasin, flat screen TV and a mirror are available in every room. The rooms of this hotel also have a bunk bed and a double bed. Near the rooms, you can find the shower rooms and WC. Basic breakfast is being offered in the restaurant, which is open 24/7.

4. Ibis Budget
Ibis Budget is a hotel which is formerly known as the Etap Hotel. This hotel has been upgraded and owned by Accor. If you are looking for the cheapest branch of Ibis Hotel, Ibis Budget is what you are looking for. The rate of the room per night fall under 60 Euros, wherein the rooms are suitable for up to 3 people who have an overhead bunk bed and double bed.

5. B&B Hotel
B&B Hotel is a popular chain having good rooms at affordable prices. The said hotel has 232 hotels all over France. The rooms of this hotel can cater up to 4 persons. The style of the rooms is different from the rooms of other hotels. Making it unique and is best chosen by a couple of guests. It is precisely located near the railway station.